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Experience financial peace of mind: Relax and watch your portfolio prosper with returns of up to 135% in just 14 days.


Our Statistics

  • 142238.34 TRX

    Total Deposits

  • 5804.95 TRX

    Total Withdraw

  • 571

    Total Investors

Multi-level referral system

You can make a profit even without investing your own funds, invite referrals and receive a percentage of each of their deposits

Referral levels

  • 1 level: 4% from each referral deposit
  • 2 level: 3% from each referral deposit
  • 3 level: 2% from each referral deposit


SCANTRON is a platform that invests in the TRON cryptocurrency. They use advanced technology and algorithms to analyze the market and find potentially profitable investments. Additionally, they offer advisory services for those who want to understand more about the world of cryptocurrencies and how to invest in it.

Our advantages

  • Fast payouts

    All payments are processed automatically without the participation of the project administration. If you do not receive a withdrawal, write to our technical support.

  • Worldwide access

    Thanks to the introduction of the cryptocurrency payment method, we have become available throughout the world. We are glad to welcome you if you are over 21 years old.

  • Data protection

    All your personal data is encrypted, even the project administration cannot see it


Where can I create a TRON TRX wallet?

A non-custodial wallet is considered the safest for storing any cryptocurrency. This is a completely decentralized wallet that is controlled only by its owner. The most popular of them are - TrustWallet, TronLink.

Where can I buy cryptocurrency TRON TRX?

Buying TRON TRX cryptocurrency is very easy; you can use one of the most popular exchanger monitoring systems - BestChange.

What is your investment plan?

We have one investment plan available for investing 2.5% per day for 14 days with a return on the last day of the entire deposit, resulting in your profit of 35%.

I have a problem, where can I contact?

You can always contact the technical support manager in private messages in Telegram.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 TRON TRX.

What are the limits for opening a deposit?

The minimum amount for opening is 250 TRON TRX, and the maximum amount is 100.000 TRON TRX, if you need to open a deposit of a larger amount, you can open two or more deposits.

Can I receive a referral bonus without being an active investor?

Yes, you can receive referral bonuses even without opening more than one deposit.